What level are these classes?

PhORM class levels are categorized by Sweat Levels signified by our PhORM buLL. One buLL signifies the lowest level of intensity, Sweat Level 1, two buLLs signify a moderate level of intensity, Sweat Level 2, and three buLLs represent our higher intensity classes, Sweat Level 3. PhORM pHlow classes consist of a Vinyasa-esque flow, with a focus on stretching while strengthening the major muscle groups of your body.  PhORM scUlpt is core focussed and Pilates-inspired. PhORM pOwer, our evening class, is the most intense class, combining aspects of interval and strength training and yoga. At PhORM, we welcome clients of all fitness levels, and, as such, each PhORM instructor is trained to provide modifications in all of our classes. We believe that each person’s pRactice is a journey unique to oneself, and we are committed to finding our true PhORM together.

What is a Sweat Level aka What are those buLLs?

Each of our three PhORM classes vary in the level of intensity they can offer to your pRactice. Sweat Level 1 is signified by 1 buLL, Sweat Level 2 is signified by 2 buLLs, and Sweat Level 3 is signified by 3 buLLs. Traditionally, a buLL is a powerful symbol that encompasses many thought invoking aspects we often strive for, or practice in life. It is a start to what it means to YOU to learn to achieve your ultimate consciousness and realize your true destined purpose in this life. The buLL is a symbol representing passion, transformation, virility, strength, fulfillment, perseverance, determination, stability,  harmony, stamina, fertility and confidence. Through our pRactice, we work to go beyond the mind, to explore and realize the energies we possess that obtain the power to understand, and the cures to whatever suffering we go through, as well as the suffering those around us go through.

Am I prepared for a PhORM class?

Each PhORM of the classes we offer have varying levels of intensity, and can be modified based on your level of experience. Our instructors are trained to help each person achieve the most out of their class, regardless of their experience.  Learning how to listen to our bodies is a pRactice, and by listening we challenge and encourage each of our clients to do as much as they feel safe doing.  Anyone who has a daily pRactice of movement should be able to jump into any PhORM class.

What’s the difference between pHlow, scUlpt, and pOwer classes?

All classes are done barefoot on mats and are intentionally choreographed by curated playlists. We begin each class with our signature PhORM cleanse where we burn sage and begin to set our intention for our pRactice.  


PhORM pHlow classes are yoga inspired, focussing on an intentional sequence of postures that are designed to safely work your full body.  PhORM pHlow is designed to get the blood flowing, the joints limber, the core strengthened, and leave you flush but not sweaty.  Perfect for a lunch break or morning self-love session when you need to connect with your body without getting sticky.  Sweat Level 1 (meaning not much sweat).

PhORM scUlpt classes are Pilates-inspired.  Designed to leave you sore without getting you sweaty, these classes will keep your core pumping, your mind engaged, and your legs and arms targeted. These classes are good if you need a midday challenge that won’t leave you exhausted or drenched, but will leave you stronger.  Sweat Level 2 (meaning it’s a bit more challenging but still not super sweaty).

PhORM pOwer classes are inspired from intelligent and alignment-driven HIIT and power Vinyasa.  Strengthening all major muscle groups while stretching and lengthening the body. We aim for a one-breath-one-flow with sprinklings of pulses, reps, and cardio bursts.  This class will leave you sweaty, very sweaty (it’s Sweat Level 3).


* with meditation focus
Any class bearing this sign will have a challenging meditation that goes along with the workout.

* core intensive
Any class bearing this sign will have an extra cycle of ab work included in the workout.